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JamieA8908 JamieA8909
"I have to say, I have been very impressed with this Company. I searched long and hard for a legitimate Company that I could work for from the comfort of my own home while staying home with my two little boys. I needed something that required no investment and that I could do anytime of the day and not have to worry about working a certain amount of hours a week. You can work anytime, anywhere and never have to worry about filling any quotas!
I have nothing but good things to say about the support staff. They have all been very helpful and friendly and always provide me with my Complimentary leads in a timely fashion. I love the Team Leader program! Being able to promote such a wonderful Company to prospective Job applicants couldn’t be easier….and the best part is I get to do it all from my PC without ever having to pick up the phone! I look forward to working with Procard International for a long time to come and making more and more money every month! Thank you Procard, for allowing me the chance to earn an additional income so that I am able to stay at home with my children!"
"Procard International has given me the BEST Career I have ever had. I am serious about my Career and chose Procard International because of what it has to offer. I can work at MY pace and in my own environment.
The Company has a reputable product and marketing system, which I respect a great deal. I make over $50,000 a year with the Company and FULLY expect to increase my earnings much, much more! They have plenty of products, plenty of marketing systems, and seem to come up with NEW programs ALL of the time, which I want. The Company is set up in such a manner, that I feel like I own my own business without the financial risk. I can build my future around representing professionals who need and want Procard International’s programs.
I am glad to devote the hours I do to MY OWN CAREER! I am building a FUTURE for myself with Procard International, which I know will allow me to make good money, and give me the freedom to work anywhere and anytime. I fully recommend Procard International to everybody who is interested in working at home!"
KammieB1087 KammieB1087
"I am a stay-at-home mom with 2 small children. Even though my number one priority is my kids, I wanted to be able to help out with our finances, too. Working outside the home and putting my kids in daycare was not an option.
I began researching on the internet for work at home opportunities that were available. Most of the things I found were either shady, get rich quick schemes or jobs that required me to work a set amount of hours a week. I needed something with flexibility that I could do when I could fit it into my schedule and that could be done without EVER having to leave my children. That’s when I stumbled onto Procard International. But, before I signed up, I checked EVERYTHING out to be sure it was legitimate. I found that Procard International is considered in good standing with ALL major National and International Regulatory and Bureau Organizations. What really impressed me with Procard is that they didn’t try to hide anything. Even though I was a little nervous about becoming an Associate, I felt like this was a Company that would really work with me and try to help me to succeed in any way they can. That is proven by the fact that they provide Complimentary leads each month and a support staff that is available 24/7.
Since I have joined Procard, I have found that it is all that it has promised to be AND MORE! I am proud to be associated with such an outstanding Company! Thank you, Procard, for offering such an awesome Career opportunity which allows me to earn an income from my own computer while still caring for my little blessings! "
"I am a mom with 3 kids, and I needed to get an extra Job because my husband’s Company was downsizing. I liked Procard International because it was easy to get started and looked like something I could do. 
  I am now making about $2,500 a month and can do the Job completely on my own time in about 25 hours a week.
My son is going to college this fall and he just started with Procard International, also. He needed money fast. My family is very much indebted to Procard International for giving us this chance, and I mean it. My husband has a new Job, but I am going to keep doing this."
"I have been an Active Associate with Procard International since 9/30/05. Finding Procard on Career Builder was truly an answer to prayer.
Procard is a legitimate and reputable Company with numerous divisions, products and services where a person can earn as well as save money. They provide outstanding support for their Associates. Also, they are the only Company I am aware of that provides Complimentary Leads*, which means more customers and ultimately commissions. So far, I have received approximately 3,600 Complimentary Leads* from Procard.
I particularly like the Local Discounts Plus Card. I have saved $60 the past two months by using the on-line computer coupons. It is certainly a bargain for $1.95 a month. I have earned money from the sale of LD Plus Cards too.
In a nutshell, it is both fun and rewarding to work with Procard International. Procard is definitely the best Company I have worked for from home. I would not trade my at-home Career with Procard for anything! "
"Hello, I'd like to share my personal testimonial of Procard International:
I consider it a blessing to have found Procard International in 2003. After researching and reviewing the Company and it's products and services, I was impressed with the Company's legitimacy and business ethics. I also recognized the savings the healthcare program could provide for me. Therefore, I immediately enrolled myself and family into the program. I have been proudly representing the Company as an Active Associate ever since.
I enjoy being associated with Procard International, both as an Active Associate and PCI card holders. The support staff, services, and my overall involvement with the Company is GREAT - My personal testimony is the best form of advertising for me!
Thank you Procard International - I plan to be a dedicated Active Associate forever ... if not longer, lol."
"For 14 years I worked in retail. Out of necessity, 6 years ago, I had to leave my daughter with someone else during the day to look after, missing all of her “firsts”. When I gave birth to my son – in 2004 - I took maternity leave. When it came time for me to go back to work, I decided to look on the Internet for a way to make a living. The American dream these days, to support yourself through your computer in your PJs. What I found was nothing after nothing. It got to the point that I had the Bureau on my favorites list so that I could look everyone up before I did anything.
I went to the PCI site to check them out. The next thing that caught my attention was that they were PCI card holders of the Bureau and that I didn't have to give them my life savings for an opportunity to work for them. With no investment into the Company itself, I was able to start a work from home Career at my own pace anytime, anywhere.
It has changed my life... the sense of satisfaction I get at the end of the day because I know that I'm doing something honest – from home, with my kids right beside me – that is going to help supplement our income, it's amazing.
And yes, half the time, I'm in my PJs. The amazing support given by PCI is far better than any I was ever given at any of my retail jobs. They are fast and concise. They want me to succeed! I simply enjoy doing this Job day after day. I am grateful to Procard International for the opportunity, and encourage anyone looking to work from home to become an “Active” Associate and start working on your own success!"
"I began working with Procard International a few years ago when I started going to College. I had needed money fast to pay for my studies. I liked Procard International because I could get started, right away, and I didn’t have to buy any kits or get a license of any type. Since I started I have learned so much about marketing on the internet, all with the help of the material on the website and Procard’s support staff.
My first paycheck was $300. Now I am making about $1500 a month working part-time and I still always have enough time to study for my tests. I am about to graduate, but I will definitely continue working with this excellent Company.
Thanks Procard International!"
Jennifer S.
"I am disabled and working for someone else on their schedule was next to impossible for me. I'll admit; when I started I was a bit skeptical. I thought a WORK AT HOME JOB that was legit, yeah right.
Then I remembered; there are NO fees or start-up Costs of any kind. I researched the options available and I was hooked.
These jobs are flex-time. You work when YOU want. This is NOT a Get Rich Quick scheme. It is a legitimate Job option and the PERFECT Career for me. Thanks Procard International!"
Michelle L.
Michelle L.
"After searching for years and years for a way to make a living from home, being a mother of 2, I was so very thankful to find Procard. Procard is an honest, awesome, reliable Company with a great product and option for just about every one. I have worked with Procard several months and just received my 3rd check, Yahoo!
I absolutely cannot say enough about Procard. Not to mention how great the discount card really is, both my personal physician and dentist were in the network when I joined and I just saved $40 on a filling at the dentist.
I absolutely love Procard and hope to grow with the Company for many years to come. Thank you Procard!"
" am a stay at home mom of 3 beautiful children, Chase 3, Bryce 1 1/2, and my baby girl Abigail. I searched for a work at home Job for quite some time. Everything out there was a scam after scam! I was about to lose hope, then I came across a Procard International ad. I visited the website and thought to myself, "hey this sounds like something I could do" I have been working for Procard International for about a year and half now and couldn't be happier with my Job! I am bringing in a paycheck each month and feel great about being able to help out with the monthly bills plus having some play money :) I only get to work part time, having 3 kids is a Job all in itself! But that is the great thing about this Job. You get to make your own hours around YOUR schedule, no quotas to meet. I would highly recommend Procard to anyone who wants to work at home or just needs to supplement their current income. I am currently doing the Marketing Associate and Team Leader programs. These are working out best for me. I love the Team Leader program because it can be done 100% over the internet and I get to promote a work at home Job I truly believe in."
"A couple of weeks ago, I had to get new eyeglasses so I decided to go to one of the providers in the Procard plan. Much to my surprise, the retailer offers a 35% discount savings to people with Procard. The savings from this for me was $90.99. Being a PCI card holders of Procard myself gives me the opportunity to tell others about the great savings advantages by joining Procard International and Local Discounts. Thank you Procard for putting together such a great savings package and also for giving me the chance to have a business of my own. I plan on being with Procard for years to come.
With the savings from this one purchase has already paid for over 6 months in services fees for me and I plan on using the providers listed with Procard and will have more testimonials in the future.
I am a proud Grandpa of 3 as you can see by the attached photo. Working with Procard gives me a chance to earn an extra income while still allowing me to attend all the ball games and dance recitals and spend lots of time with my growing family. Thanks Procard."

I surely did not expect the support that Procard International offers. I was amazed at the service and the support that they provide me with. And to think this business is ran only through the internet. I have worked in jobs where I was physically at the Company and they did not provide the atmosphere I have at Procard. The turn around on email responses is incredible. If a lead ask a question that I don't know the answer to, I will just email the support department. Within 24 hours I am able to email back my lead with confidence in my answer!"
Stephanie M.
Stephanie M.
"Hi! My name is Stephanie M. and I would love to share my "Work From Home Story" with you. When I became a Procard International Associate, I was trying out their "Marketing Associate" work from home Job option. It involved making return phone-calls to potential customers. My Job was to give them the details and sign them up. I was just too uncomfortable talking on the phone because of having a small baby constantly crying for mommy. I just gave up! I somehow "forgot" that Procard had other Job options. Well, then my husband received some bad news from his place of employment. The Company was going to offer "temporary summer lay-offs". I became very scared that I would have to leave my position of FULL-TIME mother and begin working outside the home. I could hardly fathom the thought of having someone else care for my children. After a lot of thought and prayer--the light came on! I began thinking about Procard again. I remembered that they had other Job options. So I decided to give their "Team Leader Program" a whirl.

Well----------I am NOW making money and enjoying my Job! It is nice to know that a work from home Company does exist that operates on a REAL JOB basis with no dishonesty involved. I am so thankful that I found Procard and I would refer this Job to anyone!!!!"

"Procard has been a lifesaver for our family. I am able to work from home and take care of our children at the same time. It is wonderful. Before I found Procard, I was working full time and barely covering the costs of daycare with my paycheck.
In the past I have attempted one work from home Job opportunity after another. It has gotten me nowhere. They have either been impossible to make any money with or they have been not honest. Now that I work with Procard, I realize that almost anything is possible if you give it some effort and put your mind to it. Procard International is making it so easy for me to achieve my personal goals. Procard has impressed me from the very beginning with every aspect of their Company. I have had more than enough opportunities to earn extra leads each month and the leads are extremely helpful. Procard has also provided me with easy to use marketing materials and the support staff has been amazing. They are always available to help in any way that they can and I have always gotten answers to my questions within a few hours if not less.
I would happily recommend this Company to anyone looking for a great Career from home.....Thank you Procard, for allowing me to be a better mother and wife and to be able to spend the time I want with my family!"

"Yes, this may be the one!! It certainly sounds like it may be a real Job!." I even contacted the Bureau and saw that there were no complaints made. Of course initially, I still had a little thought in the back of my head that maybe it was too good to be true. But now I know otherwise... Working with Procard International allows me to gain an income at home, while still nurturing my beloved children in the comfort, security and sanctity of our home. Take two minutes of your time to review the secured website and you will find out that this is indeed an excellent, legitimate Job option, that offers a viable service and enables you to generate a good income from the comfort of your home. And remember this is all at no cost to you!!"
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