Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I have to buy or invest anything to work for Procard International?

No! Please review the below statement:

  • You are never required to buy nor invest anything to work with Procard International.
  • We allow all Job candidates to become registered PCI Associates for as long as they want. This can give a registered Associate an opportunity to work with PCI and earn commissions, right away. Once a registered Associate gains a better understanding of the advantages for becoming an Active Associate, he or she may do so on a first come first serve, basis only.
  • Once Active, Associates can take advantage of our Complimentary leads and begin earning incomes.
  • Active Associate positions are on a first-come, first-serve basis only.
  • All Associates are considered independent contractors and have the freedom to work where, when, and how they choose with no quotas.

Do have I have to be an Active Associate to work with PCI or its affiliates?

No. You can start working with PCI as a registered Associate. We used to have a Human Resources Department to screen, interview, and hire Associates; however, we could only hire Associates where we had physical offices, thus, preventing thousands of Job applicants from working with PCI. Because our leads cost an average of $1.50-$3.00/lead, PCI must be certain to give our Complimentary leads to Associates who are serious about working with PCI. By taking the next step of becoming an Active Associate, PCI can be confident that an applicant is serious about a Career without having to complete the interview process.

How old is Procard International?

Procard International’s networks have been providing professional care services for over 25 years now. PCI represents over 1 million professional care providers and has over 10,000 fully trained Associates.

Who will train me and help me?

Procard International provides a tremendous amount of training and support. Even though each of our Associates are considered Independent Contractors, our Support Staff works 24.7.365. We always have staff Members working around the clock just to make your work experience as efficient and profitable, as possible. Most every Support Staff Member has a minimum of (5) years experience with PCI, so they know what they are doing. Couple this with our Online Community Message Board, up-line and down-line support, News Updates, Associate Corner, and so much more… Support is there for your success, so please take advantage of it.

Does Procard International have any complaints with any agencies or consumer organizations?

With over 1 million providers, thousands of PCI card holders, and over 10,000 Associates, we are very proud of Procard International's reputation. Amongst all of the reporting agencies including federal bureaus, state bureaus, business bureaus, agencies and consumer organizations, our total complaints for all of the reporting agencies combined has always been less than 1/10,000th of 1% (0.0001%). 

Why is our complaint rate so low? As with most all companies having business relationships with thousands of people there are going to be some complaints or resolvable matters throughout time. However, with all the information readily available on our site, our experienced Support Staff to assist PCI card holders, professional service providers, and Associates we strive for a high satisfaction rate

Am I considered an employee with Procard International?

NO, you would be considered an independent contractor, which means no quotas, no required set hours, and you can keep your current full-time or part-time employment. For tax purposes, you would receive a 1099 form.

How am I paid?

Payroll is sent out between the 2nd and the 5th of each month by Payroll Debit Cards or PayPal (your choice). Pay is based on each Account you activate and on your MAP monies (Monthly Automated Payment). To find out more about Procard International’s pay structure, please click here for details.

If I live outside of the continental United States, can I work with Procard International?

Yes, we welcome International Associates as long as the country is an "allied" country to the U.S.. Even though the Marketing Associate position is not available for International Associates due to the long distance issues, Team Leader, and even are available. Our systems enable you to work 100% over the Internet. 

Do you have 100% Internet positions available?

Due to the high cost of our leads, the Marketing Associate position does require calling back our customers; however, our Team Leader,,, and can all be done 100% on the Internet.

Do I have to choose which position to take with Procard International?

NO, with Procard International you can choose any one or combination of our Career options including PCI,,,, and our upcoming You can also change careers with any of our affiliated programs at any time as long as you are an Active Associate; otherwise, it’s on a first come, first serve basis only.

Do I have to pay for long distance?

Procard International used to pay for long distance for its Marketing Associates. However, due to the numerous Internet and cable based unlimited long distance carriers, it is no longer necessary for PCI to pay long distance.

How do I get my Complimentary leads?

You will receive your Complimentary leads through our easy-to-use online lead system. With this system, you can download your leads right on our website in our Associate section. Furthermore, every time a new enrollment is submitted with your personalized Team Leader code, you receive a notification e-mail from us so that you know when you can request more leads. In Addition to providing leads for new enrollments, we often give away Complimentary leads for contests, suggestions, "Complimentary Leads* Light" and much more. The more leads you have, the better your chances of success.

What if I do not activate anyone, can I still get more leads?

YES, you can receive Complimentary leads every month in our Team Leader Division providing you have at least (1) Active Account.

How does Procard International get its leads?

We purchase our leads from outsourced companies that provide us with radio, TV, print, Internet, and call-in leads.

Once I start with Procard International, can I cancel my Associate status at any time?

Yes, all Procard International Associates and PCI card holders can cancel at any time without obligation.

Is there a phone number I can call for more details?

Because we have over 10,000 Associates working in many time zones and thousands of Job applicants inquiring about Career options each week, we have our Customer Service Department speak to current PCI card holders, only. For Associates and Job applicants, we have our systems set up for emailing answers to questions. Each staff PCI Member who emails answers typically has a minimum of (5) years experience with our Company.

For more questions, please e-mail

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