About Us

Our Members can enjoy Great Discounts at Thousands of their Favorite Local Restaurants, Movie Theaters, Coffee Houses, Retail Stores, Dry Cleaners, Professional Car Services, and Much More...

  • Procard International, llc. (PCI) was established over (20) years ago.
  • (PCI) represents over ½ million professional care providers and local businesses
  • PCI has trained over 10,000 Associates
  • PCI has maintained GOOD standing with virtually ALL recognized regulatory and consumer organizations for more than (15) years
  • PCI’s (CSI) Customer Satisfaction Index is over 94%. And its complaint ratio is less than .0001% (1/10,000)
  • All Online Support Staff have a minimum of (5) years experience with PCI
  • Over 93% of all PCI Associates work 100% Online
  • Approximately 78% of PCI Associates work part-time with PCI
  • Over 64% of all PCI Accounts stay Active for (5+) years

** Not available in FL, KS, UT, VT or WA