Testimonials           What our consumers say about our discount card....

"I sold a service to a co-worker recently who's young son needed a dozen fillings. Her dentist was charging $2500 for the entire procedure. She had chosen not to purchase dental insurance because through our work place it costs $200 per month. Since her dentist was listed as a provider through the Aetna Dental Access® network, she signed up with Procard's Discount Medical Plan ($24.95 per month) and saved over $1000 on her son's procedure."
  - Patricia H.

"We are a family of 5, and Procard International's Discount Card has been such a blessing to us! We do not have insurance, so I used to avoid going to the physician or dentist. However, with my 3 children now, I am making sure that they have medical treatment whenever needed. I am estimating that Procard International saves us anywhere from $25 to $250 each month! Last month alone, two of my children had bronchitis and we have saved $150 on their pediatrician visits and on their RX. Also, my husband needs to take Lipitor everyday and with Procard we are saving $25 on his refill each month alone!"
  - Susan O.

"May 22, 2006 was the first time I used my discount card at the dentist. My charges were for a comprehensive oral exam, panoramic film, and posterior composite 2 surface. Standard fees came to $266.00 but with my discount I only paid $144.00, a savings of $122.00. I also found out that I need a lot more work done on my teeth. Standard fees for the additional work will run nearly a thousand dollars, but with my discount it will only cost around $550.00. I am really glad I went with Procard International!!"
   - Steve H.

"I just got a new pair of prescription glasses at Pearle Vision. The regular price was $215, but I only paid $145. I saved $70! Thanks Procard International!"  
   - Sam P.

"I am most appreciative of what Procard has done for my family’s orthodontic needs. We could not afford braces for my son, and we could not get an installment plan. Procard saved me exactly $893.00, which enabled us to get the braces for my son. I cannot thank you enough."
  - Michael N.

"The biggest savings I have had was at the orthodontist. There is a huge savings there. My family was already using his services and when the card came, we went to his office with it -- immediately his staff credited our Account $440. For the small price of the card, it was a no brainer to purchase it. We sure saved quite a bit of money FAST and with NO HASSLE. It is a great idea to always know where the orthodontists are when you are talking to friends/family or Associates. Most people need an orthodontist at some point, and if you know of one when they are talking about it -- ask if they have insurance -- otherwise, feel Complimentary to tell them who accepts our plan and then share my story."
  - Paul L.

"I mostly save on prescriptions and it is usually around $50 bucks a month!"
  - Christina A.

"I just got my savings card, and have already saved with it. I get a monthly prescription which was usually costing me $30. The week that I used my card, I decided to fill my prescription at Walgreen's. Surprising to me, I saved $15. I know that doesn't seem like much to a lot of people, but when you are just making ends meet, it's a great saving."
  - Kristi C.

"Procard International’s dental savings have been terrific! Before we joined the services, my husband didn’t believe in going to the dentist until he had a tooth ache. When I got a Job with Procard, we decided to try the services and see how good it really was. I had a regular cleaning and my husband had a “deep” cleaning. He then had to have a root canal, which was very much needed. We saved about $350, and my husband is now set up for routine cleanings."
  - Karen O.

"This plan has worked out very well for me. I just bought 1 year’s worth of contact lenses and I was able to buy a pair of eye glasses at the same time. I have never been able to get both at the same time before."
  - Roger G.

"I take Procard International’s RX savings very seriously. My daughter-in-law works with your Company and gave me a service. She asked me to give my thoughts. I have seriously considered getting Canadian drugs, but I cannot afford to get up there. With Procard International, I am saving $18/month on my prescription drugs. I know this may not seem like much for some people, but for me it makes a big difference."
  - Francis B.

"I have been struggling with a lot of my bills so I cannot afford to have insurance. I have had this come in handy with all of my prescriptions. I take Nexium everyday and used to pay over $100 every time I got a refill (2 week supply). Now, I pay less than $69 for my prescription. My son has had his physician medical bills reduced as well. I wouldn't be able to get by if it hadn't been for my savings card. Thank you Procard!!"
  - Zachery P.